The specificity of the coffehouses is mainly based on the sale of goods manufactured on-site (e.g. brewed coffee) with specific ingredients and according to fixed recipes and accounting for the consumption of these ingredients. In order to handle such sale, Market software contains special type of products with the possibility to define recipes. Sales of goods of this type automatically generate confirmation of the shift of components to the final product.

The program also supports the so-called composed sets. When buying them, the customer may choose supplements (paid for separately or included in the price of the basic goods) according to their preferences. Recording supplement distribution allows the store to balance the supplements.

By using the touch screen, it is possible to create a multi-level picture menu for the goods manufactured on the spot and other goods without bar codes. As a result, it is enough to press the proper picture on the screen to add a particular product to the receipt. The structure of the picture menu is created regardless of the division into product groups defined in the back-office system. The picture menu can be defined centrally for the entire chain of coffehouses, with the possibility of differentiating various locations.

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