Private label credit cards solutions

Private label credit cards are cards issued by banks cooperating with retail chains, which not only have the logos of card organizations such as VISA or MasterCard on them, but also include the ones of given retail chains. More often than not, retail chains tend to treat these cards as the preferential ones e.g. by offering special promotions for private label card holders. What is more, these cards are frequently settled on preferential terms by banks which issue them.

For some of the retail chains, who are the users of our ASERV software, we created a special service for their private label cards. It is based on the integration with the bank’s authorization host, owing to which, the authorization of card transactions may be granted directly at the bank which issued the given card, or in communication with that bank. Due to that, additional functionalities for private label card holders were made available to them at POSs of the retail chains in question, including: withdrawal of cash (just like at an ATM, up to the individual limit granted to the client and without the need to purchase any goods, as it is done in cash back) and loan repayment (immediate crediting of customer’s account).

A completely independent solution is the ability to define promotions in our cash system, where one of the conditions of a promotion might be the need to use a payment card with a specific BIN. This solution can be used both to create promotions for each chains own private label cards, as well as to initiate promotional campaigns with selected banks.

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