Customer card based solutions

In systems supplied by Forcom it is possible to create loyalty schemes based on customer's cards. In this type of solutions, the definition of bonus buy promotion may include a defined condition of scanning the card. In such case, the promotion will be available for all card holders or holders of a particular type of card. In the definition of promotion, you can also define the method of granting benefits in the form of points or electronic money allocated to the card account.

In the case of the loyalty system based on the customer's card, it is possible to select one of the following ways to use points accumulated on the card:

  • to pay for any purchased goods (electronic money),
  • to exchange points for the reward goods defined in the directory,
  • to pay with points for the specified reward goods (such goods may be available for every customer, e.g. for the price of 10 zł, but the cardholder may be able to purchase it for 6 zł in cash and 10 points from the card, or pay with 30 points deducted from the card).

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