POS cash registers

Forcom POS software is designed to work on cash registers with PC architecture. Using dedicated POS machines is the best solution. These could have modular or compact architecture. For the modular cash registers the CPU is a separate device with additional peripherals, such as touch screens, monitors or displays for cashiers, keyboards, cash drawers, scanners/scales, scanners, etc. For cash registers with compact architecture, the CPU is in the same casing as the touch screen. The advantage connected with using modular cash registers is the greater freedom of choosing a suitable POS configuration, both in connecting additional peripherals, and the arrangement of these peripherals. Modular cash registers are applied in stores with checkout counters (discount stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets), whereas compact cash registers are used in stores mounting POS devices on their own specially designed furniture (coffeehouse chains, kiosks and newsstands, clothes stores, etc.).

Our hardware offer for retail stores is based on the POS cash registers from companies such as: Wincor-Nixdorf, HP and Elo.

Wintec Compact POS

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