Integration with external ERP systems (including SAP Retail)

Most of our clients who adopted our software for stores, use external central systems (dealing with storage, finances, etc.) including ERP systems such as SAP Retail. 

Our software is designed with such clients in mind, therefore it can be integrated with other used systems. Depending on the requirements and the nature of the client, such integration can be done directly between our Market program used in stores, and our client’s ERP system, or it may be handled with the use of our Centrala program, which acts as an intermediary system between Market and ERP. The latter solution is most often used in situations when some functionalities are easier to implement in the external system rather than in the ERP of the client (e.g. management of “bonus buy” promotions).

Integration with ERP can be realized both through file interface (any given format), as well as Web Services. 

The following diagrams show different system architectures, where SAP Retail fulfils the role of the ERP system, while the Market software acts as the solution supporting stores.

Solution implementing Centrala as the so-called middleware

Centrala is a system that may be used not only as an intermediary facilitating the process of data transfer between outlets and the SAP system, but it is also a solution enabling management of a particular part of data (e.g. connected to definitions of “bonus buy” promotions, pictorial menus for goods available at POSs with touch screens, etc.). What is more, it also facilitates simple data entry defined in the SAP system, such as e.g. photos of products, multimedia content (videos, photos) associated with products, and others.

We have implemented this solution in one of our retail chains that counts circa 3000 POSs.

The solution with the direct interface between the SAP system and the Market program used in stores

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