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Our goal is to supply complete IT solutions for the largest retail chains and consequently, provide them with competitive advantage in the market that they operate in.

This advantage is achieved owing not only to the high quality of solutions offered by Forcom, but also their completeness and possibility to fulfill requirements of business clients’, and the ability of quick implementation of new technological solutions.

Our products are primarily intended for large retail chains. Our solutions have been adopted by 11 out of 15 biggest store chains operating in Poland.

Our Market program is used in about 7,500 outlets whereas ASERV system services EFT transactions of around 25,000 POS computers.

Forcom aims at supplying solutions which prove to be an effective tool for our clients’ business process management, as well as fulfill the role of a platform that facilitates offering additional services for stores, ensuring revenue growth and attracting retail chain customers.

The latest versions of our software (PerspectivMarket, ASERV, LeKart) have been created in such a way that they are easy to implement in any country by addition of an appropriate language version and adaptation to applicable law (e.g. tax laws or laws concerning appearance of documents).


We employ over 400 specialists to provide professional service to our clients, which are the large retail chains. The most important departments are the following:

Department of software development – a strong team of developers involved in current software development and creation of new products. The high potential of the whole team allows us to carry out complex and multidimensional projects.

Testing department – dealing with software testing, both by manual test execution and programming of automated tests.

Cable installation department – consists of multiple fully independent teams, whose task is to perform cable installations for systems offered by Forcom’s service throughout Poland. This department has 3 non-local branches.

Equipment repair department – performs repair work on equipment supplied by our company: cash registers, fiscal printers, scanners, collection terminals, scales etc.

Helpdesk department – providing support over the phone and through remote connection (7 days a week), as well as managing work of local technicians.

Implementation and service department – consisting of service technicians and implementation specialists. Their task, in addition to training and implementation of systems in new stores, is to provide service of existing installations. This comprises not only the supplied equipment but also the installed system software, including applications, therefore employees from the department mentioned above have great knowledge of both hardware and software. Our installations are serviced solely by our own full-time employees. Our service technicians are located in 37 cities in Poland.

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