Smartphone application for customers

The first version of the mobile application for customers has been prepared for smart phones with Android. In future versions, it will be available on all three of the most commonly used operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Main modules of the application:

  • self-scanning, i.e. allowing customers to scan the goods themselves,
  • creation of shopping lists,
  • browsing current promotional newsletters,
  • recipes,
  • store locator,
  • communications with the customer.




Allowing customers to self-scan products as they shop has a number of objectives:

  • reducing queue time at the checkout - the customer does not take products out of the basket, the cashier does not need to scan them, as well as the customer does need to put them back into the basket; if the transaction is not drawn for verification, the customer only pays for the purchased goods
  • informing the customer about promotions, such as bonus-buy during shopping – e.g. in the case of promotion: "Buy 3 pay for 2", the customer, after scanning the first piece, can get a message about the promotion for this product, and after scanning the third piece will see the resulting discount,
  • collecting information on the customer purchase history done by the store, even if the customer did not join the loyalty program,
  • generating segment promotions (for customers who use this option), who did not join the loyalty program,
  • helping customers in creating shopping lists based on historical transactions.

Creation of shopping lists

Smartphone application allows you to create shopping lists using both historical transactions and by scanning the goods "from the shelf" or by manually adding the goods.

While shopping in the store, you can select the desired shopping list, so that, when scanning goods that are placed in the basket, the application will automatically mark already purchased goods from the list. It is also possible to manually indicate which item in the list corresponds to the scanned item.

Service of the shopping list with the use of self-scanning solution. 

The other advantages of this solution will be presented on direct meeting.

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