Online stores (e-Commerce) - click and collect solutions

Forcom does not provide applications for online stores. Part of the retail chains that use our software in traditional stores also have their own online stores, operating in such a way that the online orders are completed in a given traditional store, and then the order is delivered to the customer or the customer receives it in the store (also called click and collect). For these clients we integrate our central or store software with the online store application. This integration concerns the following areas:

  • basic commodity data,
  • sales prices,
  • current inventory levels,
  • loyalty system.

In addition, to ensure a uniform approach to customers in a variety of sales channels (i.e. multichannel retailing), we provide a promotional engine solution that enables the current validation of the cart in the online store regarding service of the bonus buy promotion. This engine uses already embedded definitions of promotions in the store from which the customer is to pick up the goods, and selects the click and collect service. Owing to that the customer takes advantage of the same promotions as in the traditional store.

The created solution also allows to generate the receipt of the completed order from an online store in a traditional store.

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