Rossmann is a leader in the drugstore market in Poland, with a network of approximately 1200 stores, serving 700 000 of daily sales and with turnover of PLN 8.28 billion (in 2016).

Forcom's cooperation with Rossmann in Poland began in 2008 with the integration of the ASERV system with the customer's cash register system, to handle credit card payments from the cash register software and the use of Rossmann's own gift cards. Good experience in this cooperation has resulted in a gradual expansion of its scope - starting with authorization servers for loyalty transactions, solutions for self-service and mobile devices, cash register systems and elements integrating stores  with e-commerce solution.

Marek Kłos, Head of IT Services at Rossmann:

The cooperation with Forcom has allowed us to quickly implement new solutions in the cash register system of our stores, the last example being an application for a self-checkout device. We needed a truly self-service solution that was intuitive and easy to use by customers who did not require a constant shop assistance. The number of transactions conducted on our  self-checkouts allows to determine that these requirements have been met.


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