Interactive checkout customer displays

TTM1 interactive checkout customer displays are produced by Forcom based on the 7" tablet with IPS matrix, and get connected to a POS computer via USB cable.

TTM1 devices are under central management of Perspectiv software (that includes the management of: the version, application parameters, display screen layout, advertisements and surveys, collecting survey results, as well as monitoring of devices).

Resources of the used tablet allow for storing and displaying high quality videos, and make the interaction with customers possible, without straining the POS computer’s resources.

Possible implementations of TTM1 displays

  • displaying customers receipts in real time, while codes of goods are being scanned - this includes: names, prices, discounts for given products, total price, and payment summary,
  • displaying additional information for customers e.g. information about additional benefits made available after getting a customer’s card,
  • interaction with customers – done by displaying centrally defined survey questions, or giving opportunity for decision making involving receipts,
  • displaying arbitrary materials (text information, images, videos) in-between receipts or while receipts are being created.


  • 7” display, IPS, 1024x600 pixel
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM DDR3
  • Flash 8GB
  • OS: Android 4.0
  • Touch matrix (capacitive)

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