FMCG stores

FMCG stores – convenience, discount stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets – are the broadest group of users of the Market software. Software for this type of stores must be customized to support a very large turnover of goods, different specificity of ordering goods from different product groups (e.g. regarding the supply of bread several times a day), and cooperation with POS scales and label printing scales. This type of stores require the possibility to perform many basic operations (such as creation of order, receipt of delivery, liquidations, inventory markdowns and others) with the use of mobile computers.

POS software must enable very efficient customer service, automation and simplification of the cashier’s work, who often handles hundreds of customers during one shift. Very helpful for a cashier is the use of touch screens and the POS application that allows for the selection of goods without barcode (e.g. fruits and vegetables weighed at the checkout, unpackaged bread, GSM top-ups and other electronic products) by quick identification of the proper item from the multi-level picture menu.

Our POS software allows you to customize the POS configuration to the characteristics and requirements of the store, e.g. by modifying the cashier interface and selection of peripheral devices. The most common type of POS checkouts used in such stores is the modular POS.

The cashier’s interface can be implemented using devices in the following configurations:

  • POS keyboard with an alphanumeric display, 4x20 characters
  • POS keyboard with a monitor
  • keyboard with a touch screen,
  • touch screen only.

Handling of card payments directly from the POS (just by selecting a method of payment „card”) also accelerates and simplifies the cashier’s work.

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