Users management

The central application enables efficient management of rights granted to store’s employees that provide customer service in points of sale. It allows for both defining roles as well as users, assigning them to specific roles, what is more, it enables modification of rights granted from the definitions of roles. To add to that, it is also possible to define individual users not at headquarters level, but at points of sale level, which can be done by a user having appropriate permissions. By using the existing mechanism you can restrict access permissions to any functionalities available in the application. The most important advantages of our solution are:

  • flexible mechanism based on user roles,
  • possibility to manage permissions for all Forcom applications,
  • management of users can be carried out for point of sale groups or individually for selected points of sale,
  • possibility to define permissions for specific product groups, which is especially useful in large stores, where certain persons are responsible only for a certain range of products not having any permissions concerning any other product ranges,
  • logging of users activity, possibility to perform an audit of changes made by the software users,
  • customizable application desktops - they optimize users’ work, providing easy and quick access to frequently performed tasks.

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