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Concept store Pingo Doce &GO opened in Lisbon


On October 3rd 2019, at the Nova SBE University in Lisbon, a concept store Pingo Doce &GO was opened with the use of solutions provided by Forcom. It is a store without checkouts, with gates at the entrance and exit. In order to purchase there, the customer needs to download an application on his smartphone, register his data and payment card details in the application. At the entrance gate, the customer scans the QR code displayed on his smartphone, then he can take goods by tapping the mobile on electronic labels (with an active NFC), or, alternatively, may scan barcodes from labels. In order to exit, the customer has just to choose “pay” in the mobile app and can leave the store by scanning the barcode at the gate. The film presents this process:

The solutions provided by Forcom for this store were the following:

·         promotion management,

·         basket validation for the mobile app,

·         receipt fiscalization, generating an electronic receipt and sending it by email to the customer,

·         Self-Checkout application – Self Checkouts are used as payment stations (if the customer hasn't registered a payment card in the mobile application) or in some special cases,

·         card payment service, both from the mobile app and the Pay Station,

·         loyalty,

·         integration with Pingo Doce’s central systems (SAP, data warehouse)

Information about this store in Portuguese media:

and in Polish media:,57518,82647.html

Pingo Doce press release is available here:

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